Why work for NWP

NWP Mechanical and Electrical is one of the most respected M&E subcontractors in the UK. We operate nationally and employ a network of over 500 contractors each year across as a many as 20 projects.

We couldn’t do what we are doing without our valued contractor base and we want to make sure that you feel engaged and rewarded in return for your commitment to us.

So why work through NWP Resourcing?

Before commencing an assignment we benchmark local pay rates to make our opportunity attractive to you.

Completing a project on time is vital to our clients and to make sure you buy into this commitment we will reward you with a bonus at the end of the project.

At the end of each project you will be rated by NWP Management and those that have met NWP expectations will be offered a follow on assignment (some local travel might be required).

If you accept a follow on assignment you will receive a Loyalty Bonus.

After a couple of projects you might decide to go “cards in” and grow your career within NWP Resourcing. A number of our current management team including our Chief Executive Officer started out on this route.

If you would like to find out more or apply to join the growing NWP Resourcing contractor team then please contact us on 01745 404 101 .

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